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Structural Engineering

The structural engineering capabilities of Clark Engineering Consultants extends from design of extensions and modifications to existing buildings; to design of new buildings, and design and management of repairs to damaged buildings.

Extensions and Renovations

Structural Engineering\ Working closely with architects, planners and other building industry professions, Clark Engineering Consultants provides structural engineering solutions to the extension and renovation industry. From simple home renovations to major reconstructions, Clark Engineering Consultants provide solutions that are economical and easy to build. First-hand knowledge of building practice provides a practical link between architect and builder and ensures that projects can be completed on time and within budget, without costly and time-consuming variations.

New Buildings

Clark Engineering Consultants experience with the design of new buildings ranges from individual cottages to multi-unit developments for both government and private clients. Quality-control inspections during construction ensure compliance with design and with relevant Australian Standards.

Building Repairs

Structural damage to buildings can occur as a result of poor design, poor construction or lack of proper maintenance. Clark Engineering Consultants experience in this field enables us to investigate and diagnose building defects and recommend the most efficient and cost-effective remedial works. Building repair work occasionally requires diagnostic testing to establish the condition of various building elements. Clark Engineering Consultants works closely with testing laboratories to direct and manage the required testing and use the results to design appropriate repair strategies. The technology of building repair materials changes rapidly. Clark Engineering Consultants ensure that the most appropriate and up-to-date materials are employed in remedial works. Water penetration into buildings can be a cause of structural damage. Clark Engineering Consultants maintain close contact with specialists in the field of waterproofing, and can direct waterproofing operations to prevent structural damage.

Structural Engineering


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